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Complaints and reviews of Elite Rooter, San Diego, CA

Record #: 1475
Date Entered: 2020-04-25
Location: San Diego, CA 92102
Telephone: 619-629-3606

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2020-04-25
tumb down

Job description: Fix Shower Valve that would not turn off
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? N/A
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Called and said we could not turn shower valve off and needed someone to come out and fix. They said they would within an hour. I asked for a "guesstimate" and they would not tell me. The guy came out and said he would have to either tear part of the tile out to get inside the plumbing or go on the other side and cut out a large hole in our wall above our tub. The employee (Joseph) went to his car and was making a phone call; obviously asking his boss what to do. When he came back in, my husband told him he needed an allen wrench. He said he did not have one. My husband had to get his. (I complained then how he could be a plumber and not have his tools). He proceeded to take the faucet handle/hardware off and bended the sleeve while doing so.I asked him how much this was supposed to cost and he said anywhere from $2000 or more. He said it would take several hours. We were dumbfounded and told him absolutely not. Next day we hired a wonderful plumber that came out and took care of the matter completely and only charged $185!! All that was needed was to replace the cartridge!! But he could not screw the hardware back on because the guy from Elite Rooter took our screws! My husband called the company up and told him we need our screws.He told them that they are to put everything back together the way it was. They said they would be out by 7:30PM. Called and said he would be late and asked if it could be the next morning (today). We agreed he would be here at 8:30 AM. He called my husband and said he had a job to come to and left the screws by our gate, and he only left 2 screws NOT the 3! This place needs to be reported! 1) Do not know what they are doing. 2) False advertising 3) PRICE GOUGING!

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