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Complaints and reviews of Elan Construction Corp., Staten Island, NY

Record #: 1327
Date Entered: 2015-11-12
General Contractor
Location: Staten Island, NY 10305
Telephone: 917-417-2246

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Home Imrovement
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $4.600
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: He signed the contract 09/04/15 supposed to start on 09/24/15 and finish on 10/30/15. However, he started working on 10/01/15. Initially he promised a lot. Then he provided bad quality work. He has low-skills workers who worked 1 to 2 hours maybe 3 times a week. Overcharged with materials he buys (for example shows you receipts for 10 packs, but needs only 2 to do the work) and the same thing with paint. Demolished and destroyed walls, left garbage all over, left old sink and toilet in the middle of the living room. We could not use water for 4 days at all. We lived in the unsanitary environment. Never, cleaned after demolition (dust was left everywhere (unbearable). He never supervised his subcontracted unskilled workers who refused to clean up after themselves and made a whole through the public hallway and bedroom. After he created such a nightmare, he informed the he is going on vacation on10/24/15. I was shocked, and he said ?I am entitled to go on vacation with my wife?. He never mentioned about his vacation before he signed the contract. Constantly asked me for more money to continue the work, but never fixes the issues. Moreover, he created more issues by bringing some individuals by showing their physical strengths. We felt very uncomfortable. He took my paint from the store and went on vacation never brought to my apartment. Left threatening voice mail. I filed aggravated harassment complaint # 7284 with 60th Precinct. He promised to fix everything and then disappeared with my money. He provided me with a contract, which has a company name that has not been verified via DCA (department of consumer affairs) search. He works under someone else's license. Pictures are available.
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