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Complaints and reviews of Duey's Plumbing, Kempner, TX

Record #: 1451
Date Entered: 2019-09-06
Location: Kempner, TX 76539
Telephone: 254-290-4646

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-09-06
tumb down

Job description:
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? I don't know yet
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: BEWARE - This company are con-men. We hired them to come look at our well. They wouldn't give us a time estimate that they'd be here or a price. The guy gets here and chats with the neighbor for 20 minutes, literally just glances in our well house and tells me that all he can do is "offer advice because I don't work on wells"! What the heck was he here for then?! I called the owner to confirm that we weren't going to be charged for labor because clearly this must have been a misunderstanding. He very rudely tells me that he already discussed this with my husband, which he did not. What Duey had told him (in person) was that he thought we needed such and such part for our well. I tell him that we're not going to pay this bill and he says that he'll send it anyway and hangs up on me! We are a young couple with a family who had to pay to cremate our daughter less than 3 weeks ago and the last thing we need is some rude man billing us for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

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