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Complaints and reviews of Drew Excavation, Casco, ME

Record #: 1249
Date Entered: 2013-07-19
Location: Casco, ME 04015
Telephone: 207-655-3015

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Pouring Slab
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $6,120.00
Was the charge fair? Unfair
Comment: Letter we wrote to Drew Const.
May 21, 2013

Gary Drew
Drew Excavation
791 Roosevelt Trail
Casco, Me 04015

Re: Black Bear Rd, Casco Project

Dear Mr. Drew,
This Certified letter is being written to you in regards to your not withholding your end of the contract written by you which was agreed upon, February 8th, 2013. (See Attached). Also attached, is our contract to you, signed by you, on February 10th, 2013. Highlighted are the items which were not completed by you and/or your company.
Our customers, Davis & Jennifer Cyr were quite irate with the fact that you did not hold up your end of the deal and come through for us. We had to call another excavator to finish your work. As stated in the text correspondence between Davis and myself, Davis stated he left work early on two days, in which you were a ?no show?. He is threatening to call the Better Business Bureau. He is very upset because they were having family coming to stay at their house.
David, my Project Manager and I had tried to get a hold of you a number of times with no luck. You did not call us back, nor did you call the customer.
Also, the metal trim around the garage doors needed to be replaced by us because you damaged it while pouring the slab. Labor & materials cost is $490.00 for this.
Another thing that was not competed was that the relief joints were not cut in the concrete slab.
We had to call another excavator to finish your contracted job. This cost us an extra $750.00. (See Attached Paid Invoice).
Photos of Work not completed as well as photos of the other excavator doing work are attached.
If the $1,240.00 has not been paid by you to Maine Contractors Group, LLC within 20 (twenty) days, you will leave us no choice but to file a Maine Civil Lawsuit against you. Please be advised, that a copy of this letter and all items attached will be sent to our attorney within 20 (twenty) days if we have not received payment.
Mr. Drew, we have done our part of the contract, in making payments to you, as you specifically stated in your contract. (See Attached)


Lance D. Baker

(spelling and grammar as submitted)

Business Reply
Date Entered:

We did exactly what are contract said! There was no lawsuit filed! This is the same company that took people money in gray and never showed up! They are now out of business!

(spelling and grammar as submitted
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