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Complaints and reviews of DKC Service and Construction, Newtown, PA

Record #: 1404
Date Entered: 2017-10-05
construction and landscaping
Location: Newtown, PA 18940
Telephone: 215-860-5066

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-10-05
tumb down

Job description:Contractors for homes and businesses
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $1300
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: I called several contractors and some did not return my call, while others wrote higher estimates than DKC Construction. DKC wrote their estimate based on the insurance estimate of $1,300 without knowing what damage occurred on the other side of the drywall. I reside in a condo and my neighbors above me had an overflow washing machine which damaged my ceiling. It also shorted out the light in the mud room where my washer and dryer are located. Everyone knows how long insurance companies take to approve and send you a check. After six week, I received a check from my neighbor's insurance company. I had spoken to a person at DKC that answers the phones, named Michele. She was totally arrogant on the phone, very bossy type, talked over you not allowing you a chance to even speak. She set up an appt for Wednesday, Oct 4th, and I told her on Sept 29th, that I would send her a deposit for half as they requested but was waiting for a response from the insurance company first to see if they approved the claim. I also suggested if I could drop the check off directly to her or have someone pick up the check so I could get the job started on Oct 4th. She said NO, just mail it, we should get it by Wednesday. I heard on Friday, Sept 30th, the following day, that they did approve the claim and would send me a check within 5 days. After hearing this, I immediately wrote a check and mailed it. On Tuesday, Oct 3rd, DKC calls me (Michele) and says we did not receive your check. And I said, I told you I was concerned about that and that it may delay the start of the job. I said I mailed it and she should receive it anytime if he could just start the job on Wednesday, Oct 4th. She said no, we have to go to the bank and cash it first and I don't know how long that will take, and I said, well then why did you tell me to mail it out? I then tried to tell, let's wait until the following week, and she goes I don't know if I can trust you for the money. And I said "What"? This is an insurance claim, and it was approv!
ed, so what is the problem. She argued with me and said find another contractor after I mailed her my deposit. I then called Don Campbell, the contractor, who is extremely rude, arrogant, nasty and aggressive...yelling at me on the phone telling me we told you to send a deposit, blah, blah, blah... and it just so happened, I checked my mail on Oct 4th, the same day we were talking, and the insurance company sent me the full check. I tried to tell Don that I just received the check, and he goes' I don't believe you. And I said what on earth are you talking about, this is how you treat your customers?" Why don't you stop over and see for yourself, that I am holding the full amount of the check? Again, he was so nasty and said find another contractor. I could not believe the position he put me after waiting a month to get this job done. And to go find another contractor at such a low cost...the damage was definitely worth more than the insurance company gave me. I do not recommend working with these people. The customer service was very poor, they treat their customers like crap. Do not use them, and their estimates are very low. They work along side whatever the insurance companies offer.

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