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Colby Plumbing, Highlands, NJ

Record #: 258
Date Entered: 2011-03-29
Location: Highlands, NJ 07732
Telephone: 732-291-7533

Review #1:

Job description: Toilet leaking on bottom
Overall experience: Bad
Was the charge fair? Not fair
Comment: The first time I called Colby was to replace my hot water heater and kitchen faucet. I was given a fair price on the phone. Mike Colby showed up to do the actual plumbing (two hours late)and after the work was complete, asked me for an additional $50 because it was "harder than he thought" to replace my kitchen faucet due to rust. I didn?t catch on right away and wanted to continue to support my local businessmen in Highlands so the second time I called because my commode seemed to be loose and my tiles were wet on the floor so I thought there was a leak somewhere. Mike quoted me $150 to come and reset the toilet. I specifically asked if it cost extra to come on a Sunday and he said no and that due to the down economy, he is glad to get the work. He talks nonstop from the minute he enters until the minute he leaves. He showed up at 1:15 and left at 2:50 p.m. and charged me $235 instead of $150. I questioned it and he said since he was there for 2 hours(?) he was charging me $200 labor and $35 materials instead of the original quote of $150. Not to mention that he was making personal phone calls also during this time. The materials consisted of a screw that was loose connecting the top of my toilet to the bottom and that's why it was leaking supposedly and a rubber ring to reset the toilet (actual cost = $1.95 I found out later). He continued to rant on about other jobs he's done and how hard he works and blah blah blah. I will not use Colby Plumbing again and will not recommend them to anyone either. P.S. My toilet still had a leak after he left and he refused to come back and fix it properly. Colby Plumbing is substandard and they have unethical billing practices.
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