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Complaints and reviews of C&T Precision Plumbing, Bauxite, AR

Record #: 1590
Date Entered: 2022-11-05
Location: Bauxite, AR 72011
Telephone: 501-303-7741

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2022-11-05

Job description: Clogged Pipe
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $379.50
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: Around 10:30 PM on 08/29/2022, the bathtubs in our home filled up with raw sewage.
I called for every 24-hour plumbing service in our area only to receive a phone call the following day at 7:30 AM stating that C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR was on the way. (By the way, do not waste your time trying to call any 24-hour plumbing service in the Sardis, Benton, Bauxite, or Benton AR area because you will not get a single company to call you back.)
After receiving a call at 7:30 AM on the morning of 08/30/2022 from C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, more than an hour had passed, and several other plumbers had been calling, but we told the other plumbers we had someone else on the way. We received two different calls from C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR saying their equipment was broken and they would be right over. Reflexing back, it was obvious that C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, was only stalling us knowing that other plumbers would be calling as well. C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR is NOT accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
It was after 1:00 PM before Chris Hill of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, showed up. Mr. Hill was very rude and complained his back was hurting, the ground was so hard to dig in, and about a few wasps in the vicinity. I sent my wife to buy a can of wasp spray, and I dug a hole about six inches deep to expose the schedule 40 sewer line to our septic tank. Mr. Hill’s Sawzall blades were barely sharp enough to gouge a hole in our schedule 40 sewer line. When he finally cut a small hole in the pipe, sewage poured out, and Mr. Hill was scooping up the raw sewage with a cup and just slinging the raw sewage in the yard close to where he was lying down and at our front door.
Mr. Chris Hill ran a plumber’s snake maybe 12 feet and said, “see, I’m in the septic; it’s the field lines that are bad,” but he could refer someone to put in new septic tank field lines; he was onsite for less than an hour onsite.
Mr. Hill went to his truck and presented me a carbon copy of a receipt with the description of services that was obviously marked out with a blunt object. The total bill was $379.50 for Mr. Hill gouging a hole in our sewer line and running a plumber’s snake maybe twelve feet into the septic tank. Then, he left, leaving us with raw sewage at our front door and an exposed pipe still spuing raw sewage and said, “well, you can use the toilets, take showers,” and then stated, “in the future, you should run the washing machine drain line out into the yard”!
The following day, we called a septic tank company in our area, who immediately said the clog was at the pipe leading into the septic tank. The clog was less than six feet from where Chris Hill, the owner of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, ran his plumber’s snake and should have quickly cleared the line.
My wife posted a review on our community Facebook page about the bad business and service we received. Shortly after my wife’s post, she received a call from Tennille Hopkins Hill, co-owner of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR demanding we take down the Facebook post and review. The admin for our community Facebook page said we were 100% in the right to post our review. At 8:20 PM, Tennille Hopkins Hill called my cell phone and had a one-sided conversation with herself for 44 minutes, then stated we would receive a full refund if we took down the community Facebook post; we agreed. Still, to this date, we have yet to receive a refund or partial refund for the services that C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, did not perform. When I confronted Tennille Hopkins Hill of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, about why my carbon copy description of services was marked out, she didn’t have an answer, so I asked for the original top document, which to no surprise, the description of services was not marked out. I was charged for services not performed and charged $125.00 for the hole I dug.
WE DO NOT recommend Chris Hill or Tennille Hopkins Hill of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR, to anyone. As of 11/02/2022 we have not received the refund promised by Tennille Hopkins Hill of C&T Precision Plumbing in Bauxite, AR. Here is a video from the next day:

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