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Complaints and reviews of Bryan Douglass Law/Power Home Solar

Record #: 1579
Date Entered: 2022-07-12
Location: Out of State
Telephone: 607-229-2967

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2022-07-12

Job description: License# 35846
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? 83,000
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: My name is ***. My address is ***. In December of 2021, my wife, ***, and I signed a contract with Power Home Solar. The agreement was 22 panels with a backup battery system. The salesman was a smooth talker and promised that this system would generate enough power to be 95% self-sufficient in electricity. He also said that the company would replace our outdated breaker box, and we wouldn't have to make any payments until Dec 2023.
In the first week of January 2022, a crew showed up and started installing our system. They could not finish in one day and said they would return the next day. However, a completely different team arrived the next day, and there seemed to be some frustration and confusion about how much progress had been made the day before. By the time they finished, it was dark on the second day. Another verbal promise had been that they would blow insulation into our attic. They reluctantly and half-assed blew a small amount into the attic when I asked about this. I also had to call the HQ and ask for a promised box of gifts. This showed up finally almost two months later. After a quick class, they told me they had taken all the pictures they needed to send to the utility company to get PTO or permission to operate. This would allow us to sell excess power back to the utility company. This inspection has been rejected three times by our power company. Every time this happens, it is challenging to get a representative to come to fix the problem. Since this began, the company changed its name to Pink Energy. Finally, after the third rejection from our utility company and numerous calls trying to get an update, a crew hopefully came to fix the situation. Our system had been showing an error for over two months. I had called Generac, the manufacturer of the backup battery system, so they could remotely try to fix the problem. The claim that power home solar did not use the correct wiring and snap so that it would be compatible with the backup battery system. When the crew arrived, I confronted them about this, and they admitted that it was true. The company BLATANTLY used the incorrect wiring and snaps because they were trying to expend stock already purchased.
On top of that, we had an entire row of broken panels that did not work at all. It has been almost six months going round and round with this company for a system that costs over $80K. We were taken advantage of, and they took the money and are not cooperating. We have already made over $900 in payments for this inefficient system. Also, our power bill has not gone down as they promised.

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