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Complaints and reviews of Britton Builders, Muncy, PA

Record #: 1456
Date Entered: 2019-09-27
Location: Muncy, PA 17756
Telephone: 570-772-4174

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-09-27
tumb down

Job description: Steel Roof Installation completion
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $1700.00
Was the charge fair? no
Comment: Use extreme caution if hiring this person. Although very friendly initially, he turned on me quickly, when asked to complete a roofing job that he was paid in full for. Additionally, when repeatedly asked to provide an invoice for his services, nothing materialized. He is also unregistered with the state of PA contractor, at the time of this review. Vance was hired to COMPLETE a steel roof installation on a small home of 962 square feet, after the 1st roofer was found on the job impaired. He was subsequently fired. With all materials on-site, I selected Vance Britton, based on my interview of him and his "alleged" experience. All seemed to be going well, until he struggled to complete the more intricate "flashing" of vents that went through the roof. Being unable to flash and seal the furnace chimney, he stated that he was going to talk to his dad and come back the next day to complete. (I made the mistake of paying him in full). He never came back. Now this home is a secondary residence and I was now trapped, unable to return home out of state. I had a tarped, but gaping hole in my roof! Vance did not return calls, or texts. I subsequently found out that he was fired from another job, whom I know the homeowners. I also found that he was working a 3rd job, when he should have been completing mine. My last contact with him was met with nasty expletives, totally uncalled for and unprofessional. He hung up. He made little effort to contact me after that. I was forced to hire an emergency roofer to seal up my roof temporarily and then another "registered", insured and well experienced/top end roofer to inspect and complete my roof. Upon inspection, NUMEROUS issues were cited and documented. Vance had not completed the roof to accepted standards. Many serious errors. I had a huge additional, unexpected expense to complete and remedy this small 12 square roof, with no hips/valleys and only a 3/12 pitch. This contractor is not an experienced roofer when it comes to steel roofs in my educated opinion. Please use caution if you hire for any project.

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