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Complaints and reviews of Brian Vivieros Contracting, Inc., Portsmouth, RI

Record #: 1386
Date Entered: 2017-05-09
Location: Portsmouth, RI 02871
Telephone: 401-683-5173

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2017-05-09
tumb down

Job description: Barn Remodel
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $25,000
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: We needed an old barn restored and secured because it was structurally compromised. We were casual friends with the contractor through a mutual friend. We asked for an estimate that at first seemed quite high but trusted him because of our personal relationship. We signed a basic contract for work to begin. He started the job and proceeded to behave in an inappropriate and unprofessional manner. The work site was a total disaster and dangerous. He left power tools plugged in and scattered all over the floor over the weekends. He also neglected to prepare the site for any lead paint hazards or dust prevention near stalls where live animals are and children play. When we pressed him for specifics on material costs He refused to answer basic questions about prices and was very dishonest and/or misleading about the products distribution channels. He spent much of the day talking on the phone and booking jobs for his other boat hauling business. He scheduled doctor's appointments during work hours and had friends visit the site. He failed to recognize deadlines and time frames that we discussed for a studio move that had to take place in May. He was also a horrible at listening to our concerns, aesthetic desires and layout proposals. His refusal to use any temporary, low skilled labor for basic clean up and physical tasks was incredibly inefficient. He wasted hours and hours of our personal time with incessant, often vitriolic rants about his recent heartbreak. His disruptive behavior, erratic work schedule (leaving the job for 6 weeks)and vitrolic rants with his tasteless country music blaring as well as his insanely high prices and his made it impossible to continue the project. When we asked him for half of our rather large deposit back (after we broke down the part of the job he completed) he refused to negotiate in any reasonable or decent manner. He took the money and ran. His unprofessionalism and unwillingness to budge left us no option but to submit this complaint.

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