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Complaints and reviews of Anthony Webster for Majestic Metals, Tanner, AL

Record #: 1332
Date Entered: 2015-12-17
roofing contractor
Location: Tanner, AL 35671
Telephone: 256-771-0107

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Metal roofing
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $15000
Was the charge fair? Fair
Comment: Shoddy installion resulting in repairs equaling the price of the roof installed
We hired a contractor recommended by the company to install a metal roof. It leaked 3 days later.
We have two skylights, neither was flashed or caulked . The chimney was not flashed it chalked either.
We called the contractor Anthony Webster and he came and attempted a repair.
We have two skylights, neither was flashed or caulked . The chimney was not flashed it chalked either. Webster came and caulked the skylights. It rained again, the roof leaked again. He came back and flashed the skylights and flashed half of the chimmey - the back side, not the front!
We contacted insurance (Usaa).
Water notification was $2800
Repairs are estimated at $7000

We also contacted a roofing company to assess and repair the metal roof that is two weeks old.
They found;
Inadequate, erroneous flashing around skylights and the chimney.
No foam barrier installed anywhere on the roof, none.
No sealing tape, no glue, no caulk used.
Overlap of translation areas was inadequate.
Ridge installation was incorrect.
The price to repair was $4300.

The contractor recommended by majestic metals installed the roof incorrectly.
Majestic metals sold us the materials for the roof directly and neglected to include all required materials.
We have lost over $14,000 in repairs this far.
The roof was completed and paid in full thanksgiving day 2015. It is now December 17th, and our kitchen and living area is still unusable, my husband and I have lost countless hours off work, we've lost a substantial amount of cash and our holidays are ruined as repairs will not be compete until mid January.
The repairs include replacing. Sheetrock, insulation, removing and reinstalling kitchen cabinets, granite, dishwasher back splash, and repainting the walls and ceilings.

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