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Complaints and reviews of All Purpose Plumbing & Heating Corp, Bayside, NY

Record #: 1604
Date Entered: 2023-04-30
Location: Bayside, NY 11361
Telephone: 718-968-5987

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2023-04-30

Job description: annual boiler inspection
Overall experience:
How much were you charged? $400
Was the charge fair?
Comment: On March 8, 2023, I contacted Robert M. Tompkins of All Purpose Plumbing & Heating Corp. to perform an “annual boiler inspection.” Robert M. Tompkins’ business card looks good and legitimate. It has “licensed & insured” printed on its business card. He put a (fake) plumbing license number on his business card when I asked if he was a licensed plumber. Robert M. Tompkins demanded $400 cash upfront. I gave him $400 in person. He didn’t finish the job. He can’t finish the job because he is not a licensed plumber. Only a licensed plumber can file the paperwork in order to finish the job. I later found out that his business is not even registered with the New York State. It means it's not a corporation. I called him. First, he lied and said he finished the job. Later on, he didn’t even bother to answer my phone calls or return my phone calls. He subsequently blocked my phone number. I should have thoroughly checked him out before I handled him the cash. Robert M. Tompkins committed a serious crime by impersonating a licensed plumber.

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