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Complaints and reviews of all in one morales home improvments, EHT, NJ

Record #: 1446
Date Entered: 2019-07-19
home improvement
Location: Egg Harbor Township, nj 08234
Telephone: 305-926-3858

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2019-07-19
tumb down

Job description: pipe connection+water tank
Overall experience:
How much were you charged? $2000 + $1000
Was the charge fair?
Comment: I hire this guy to do some pipe connection at the above address we agreed that he gets paid $2000
I paid him the money, and at same time he offered himself to connect the water tank for me for a sum of another $1000
I paid him and said good bye, the gas company came to turn the gas on and I was rejected due to this plumber installation of the water tank...the gas guy asked me what kind of monkey job is done here ,,,,,,,do you want to catch fire?? I said excuse me? I paid $1000 to a plumber to have this done and you saying that its not correct.....
#1 the pipes that were connected for the air to go out were of poor material fire ready.....
#2 there wasn't a shut off valve
#3 the tank was sitting tilted to one side
#4 the yellow hose was improperly placed off the tank so it fail to have it turned on..... I was mad as hell
I called the plumber and address the issues
he said to me I did it for you in the cheapest way...…..LOL I could not believe my ear what I heard
I said I want it corrected
he said he will do the shut off valve next day
next day he came at 6;30 am and we finished at 9 am I made 3 trips to home depo to buy parts for which I paid another $40 each trip we went and got a pipe he wasn't sure whats needed CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT???
it tool him 3 hours to connect 2 pipes!!!!
the other issues I had to pay a contractor $100 labor plus parts to fix them accordingly!!
I am very mad at this work and unexperience I really think and feel that this guy has ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF PLUMBING
imagine if it went through the house will be on fire due to his careless and unexperience
I have proof off all I said above
and witnesses
if I miss anything don't hesitate to contact me

(spelling and grammar as submitted
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

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