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Complaints and reviews of A fast service, Harahan, LA

Record #: 1571
Date Entered: 2022-05-14
Location: Harahan, LA 70123
Telephone: 504-309-9414

Customer Review #1:
Date Entered: 2022-05-14

Job description: Estimate for fixing bathroom and other plumbing issues
Overall experience: bad
How much were you charged? $125
Was the charge fair? unfair
Comment: I have some plumbing issues at my house I ask them to provide a free estimate for work. They showed up and didn't fix my hot water heater and they left, they were not professional at all. I request them to install new water heater but they didn't response to me at all. After a week when I get my hot water install from other plumber. She asked me to pay for plumber visit all though they said they will give me free estimate before doing any work. The owner name Nikkie was very rude and unprofessional. She was yelling and screaming at me when I said I get my new water heater install from other plumber. I still asked her to do other plumbing work ,and its estimate but she was being rude and said she will charge me $125 for Visit .she never mentioned they charge for the visit even when I asked her on phone before they visit.

This is very bad and unethical behavior i have ever seen from anyone in my life. She threatened me that if I don't pay her online that unfair bill she wanted to clear out on call by making online payment ,she will mail me the bill.

I want to report this company for this unethical behavior and charged, all though I did not pay any money to them. I was mentally drain and stressed out because of her unethical behavior .
*** Personally identifiable information removed (JTP

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