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Complaints and reviews of A. Bailey Plumbing & Heating, Freehold, NJ

Record #: 1298
Date Entered: 2015-03-21
HVAC, plumbing
Location: Freehold, NJ 07728
Telephone: 732-462-4484

Customer Review #1:

Job description: Plumbing
Overall experience: Bad
How much were you charged? $79.85
Was the charge fair? fair
Comment: Having never needing to report anything like this ever before, I take no pleasure in doing so. However when someone enters your home and his actions are almost immediately unprofessional, grossly misconduct, and threatens both you and your family, something needs to be reported in the hopes that at least one person/family is saved from experiencing the same thing. I had what I thought was a potentially critical devastating home flood situation, where water was seconds away from bursting through my ceiling onto my furnished bedroom and carpeted floor. Thinking that due to a hidden leak in the top floor of my home, water building up was about to burst through the floor destroying the ceiling beneath it, in the bottom floor of my home. Seeing water leak down from the ceiling, I was not sure what could be the cause. When pushing with my hand on the ceiling it immediately went directly through the sheet rock and water poured down on me, and onto the floor. I was able to stuff the hole I made, but was in a panic as to what was going to happen next. Not being an expert by any means in this field, my thoughts went to the worst case scenario and envisioned a tidal wave of water bursting down and causing very much damage. I made what I thought anyone else would do, which was to call a plumber. I was told someone would arrive in one hour, and charge a fee no matter what the outcome was, which was perfectly acceptable as I was thrilled they were sending someone at all. It was approx. 7-8pm on a Friday evening, and I suppose it needs to be mentioned that there was between 1-2 inches of snow, certainly not more than that. Having just driven home in this weather, the thought of staying off the roads never entered my thinking. However, that should not matter. The discussion with the plumbing dispatcher never mentioned anything about weather, but only that someone would be available and arriving within one hour, and that it was their pleasure since I was expressing my deep appreciation. What happened when this plumber arrived caught me completely off guard, and was something I was not prepared for. I had the gentleman follow me to the bottom floor, into the bedroom, and pointed to the ceiling area. I can say with complete certainty that the following is near word for word what he said, as it remains to stick with me. With my wife, son, and friend in listening distance, he immediately shouted "this is your emergency? That's water all over the floor? Do you know how bad the roads are out there? There were about 5 or 6 accidents while I drove over here, it's bad out there. I have little kids at home that I can be with right now."
He made sure that it was clear to me any anyone else who could hear, that he was displeased with being instructed to arrive to an emergency situation, and that this was not one of those. At this point I'm uncomfortable and unsure how to react next, since weather did not seem to be considered an issue when discussing the appointment with the dispatcher. I made sure to confirm afterwards, that the roads were indeed very safe and that there were no accidents I was aware of or could find; but I'm not discussing that and should not need to. It became clear to me later on, that he just did not want to be working on a Friday night. I went on to explain to him what was going through my mind, my thought process after pushing a hole through the ceiling. I further tried to explain that I genuinely thought I was very near a home disaster. He went on to investigate the cause, and explained what "might" be the problem. It would need to wait until the morning to be repaired. I did not doubt the diagnosis, the price, or the fact that it needed to wait until morning. However at this point I thought it was a good time to explain to him in detail what I thought I was faced with, and why I called since it seemed clear he was not pleased being sent to my home for this repair. He repeated the bad road concern he had, and the family waiting for him at his home, but this time around was not quite as animated and loud as when he first arrived. He went on to say that "he thought we were passed that", I suppose since I did not react in any way to his outburst that he thought I either did not take notice to it, or I possibly ignored it. However I could not, and after he explained how he could arrive in the morning and complete this work, I advised him that I could not allow myself to do business with him or his business, or employers business. I communicate this experience with the hope that at least one person who was contemplating to use this company, reads how I was treated and decides otherwise. If this can possibly save someone else and their family and avoid them to experience such rude and unprofessional behavior, it will be well worth the time to write it.
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