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American Residential Services of San Diego, CA

Record #: 256
Date Entered: 2010-02-10
Location: San Diego, CA 92111

Review #1:

Job description: Thermal expansioin
Overall experience: Bad
Was the charge fair? Not fair
Comment: Tried to get me to install Thermal expansion tank that was not required. Turns out, as I suggested to the tradesman, it was the building, not my condo unit. Of course, he accused me of being wrong, and insisted that it was my problem. Also, turns out, that the problem was resolved by another company that addressed the Temp control regulator for the building , that this other person did not bother to check out. When i did not want to buy into this $447 part, another part was suggested to me for $250. Needless to say, I did not buy into that. Also, this company, American Residential Services, collected $106 from me in Sept of 09, for a permit with the city for an inspection. Well, guess what, they never pulled the permit( i called the city and asked) and 1 year 2 months later, no permit for my hot water until i caught on to this and complained. I wonder how many others have paid for a permit and never got the service??? And is this just local to San Diego, or ???
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