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How much plumbers or other contractors charge.

It could be very difficult to find out how much that dream kitchen or even the simplest home repair will cost you. Contractors do not usually post prices for their services and may try to charge you as much as they think you can pay. So, if you live in a big nice house you will be paying more than your neighbor in a shack two blocks down the street for the same leaking faucet repair. And, if you live in Manhattan you will be paying more than your sister in Flint, MI.

Even when contractor gives you an estimate over the phone, it's not binding, and he sure has a couple of tricks up the sleeve to charge you double that money and even more. For a quick, standard job contractors prefer to charge flat fee, for a complicated job that is taking longer to finish, they would charge by the hour, or use some combination of both: e.g. flat fee if job is finished within a first hour, plus hourly rate after first hour if the job is taking longer to complete.

Therefore, before calling contractor you need to learn how much others paid for the same or similar job. You should ask your neighbors, friend, and relatives. And you should definitely check our Contractor Cost Guide. Our cost guide is based on the information that the customers report in their reviews and complaints about contractors.

We specifically ask our visitors to include project costs in their complaints and reviews about contractors submitted to Joetheplumbernet. You can browse the latest complaints here or find your project in our Contractor Cost Guide and see how much others paid for repairs or home improvement.

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