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About JoeThePlumberNet

Joetheplumbernet.com is a website created by a group of homeowners. We all at some time in the past used and, unfortunately, will have to use in the future the services of different home improvement contractors, such as plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians etc. We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable and reasonably priced plumber. We’ve spent hours searching the Internet and the Yellow Pages to find a plumber or AC installer. Our personal frustration with the quality and costs of home improvements and repairs lead us to create this website where we can share our knowledge and experience with other homeowners. We also would like to invite others to share their experiences with our visitors and send their complaints to Joetheplumbernet.com.

Here you can find who is Joe the Plumber, what did he ask Obama, and more

Why Joe the plumber net?

Because every homeowner dreaded this kind of plumber and contractor. He charges like neurosurgeon but does not have a license.

We welcome any input from our visitors and encourage you to send us your suggestions and complaints about your contractors either by using our form, or by sending an email to webmaster@joetheplumbernet.com.
Thank you for visiting Joetheplumbernet.com. We hope you have a pleasant experience while you are here. Come back soon since we are adding new information daily.

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